1,000 Anytime Leads

$29.00 / month

Our 1,000 anytime lead package is just that, order leads by email anytime (up to 1,000 per month). You can choose from our business or consumer filters. Perfect for Life/PC insurance agents, merchant services,janitorial services and much more!

Available Consumer Filters: Name, Address, Phone (Where Available), Homeowners/Renters, Home Value, Length of Residency, Age, Marital Status, Birth Year, Ethnicity, and more!

Available Business Filters: Business Name, Address, Phone, Email (Where Available), Business Type (O.S.H.A Code), Years in Business, Number of Employees, Annual Sales Volume, and more!

You may cancel at anytime via email.See more info below!

common-questions(1,000 Anytime Leads)

When Will I Be Billed?

A: Immediately. Recurring billing depends on which billing plan you select.

  • Weekly: You will be billed every 7 days.
  • Monthly: You will be every 28-31 days depending on the amount of days in the month.
Is There a Contract?

A: No. You may cancel at any time via email: customerservice@salesleadsunlimited.us. Please include your assigned account number or email address so we may locate your account. A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours.

How Can I Cancel?

A: All cancellation requests must be emailed to customerservice@salesleadsunlimited.us. When you send your request simply reference your SLU ID Number, account name, phone number, or email. Once we locate your account we will send an email confirming the cancellation of your account within 48 hours. *If you cancel and your are billed within the 48 hour cancellation period we will refund your card on file.

How Will I Receive My Leads?

A. Via email.

  • If you are on a weekly plan, leads will be delivered every Thursday to the email address on file.
  • If you are on our 1,000 Anytime Lead Plan or our Premium Unlimited Plan you must login and submit a lead request with your selected lead criteria. Upon receipt will execute the search and email the lead request to the email on file.
What Consumer Data Fields are Available?

Select Geographical area:
-Zip Code
-Area Code

Select Household Filters:
-Annual Income
-Existing Home Owner / Non-Homeowner
-Home Value
-Length of Residency

Select Consumer Filters: (Great For Insurance Agents!)
-Marital Status (Married, Non-Married, Recently Divorced, or Recently Married)
-Birth Year
-Consumers turning: 21/25/40/50/or 65

What Business Data Fields are Available?

Select Geographical area:
-Zip Code
-Area Code

Select Business Type:
-Business Type: Just Provide the O.S.H.A Code
-Attorneys / CPAs
-Real Estate Companies

Select Business Information:
-Employee Size
-Annual Sales Volume

I Sent a Request for Leads, When Will I Receive Them?

A. 24-48 hours via email. We will only email to the email account on file for your lead membership.

Can I See A Sample of the Data?

A. All 1,000 Anytime Leads and Unlimited Data Plan requests are custom made to order. All leads are delivered via email in excel format.

More Questions? Ask Us!