Weekly New Homeowners

$99.00 / month

Receive a weekly list of new homeowners in your selected area (up to 5 counties).

Weekly List Includes: Owner Name(s), Address; Beds/Baths, Pool (y/n), Phone (where available), Purchase Price, and more!

Please note:
We want all subscribers to receive an ample amount of data. Due to some cities, counties, and geographical areas our management team may approve additional counties to your weekly subscription. Upon receipt of payment, our customer service department will contact you via email or phone to request the counties you would like to receive weekly new homeowner list.

Product Description

Data is compiled nationally Monday-Friday through a variety of different government agencies and publications. All weekly data subscriptions are delivered every Wednesday via email in excel format.

Our list of weekly new homeowners is a perfect for tool for:
-Insurance Agents
-Maid Services
-Handy Men
-Junk Removal
-& so much more!

common-questions(Weekly List of New Homeowners)

When Will I Be Billed?

A: Immediately. Recurring billing depends on which billing plan you select.

  • Weekly: You will be billed every 7 days.
  • Monthly: You will be every 28-31 days depending on the amount of days in the month.
Is There a Contract?

A: No. You may cancel at any time via email:

How Can I Cancel?

A: All cancellation requests must be emailed to When you send your request simply reference your SLU ID Number, account name, phone number, or email. Once we locate your account we will send an email confirming the cancellation of your account within 48 hours. *If you cancel and your are billed within the 48 hour cancellation period we will refund your card on file.

How Will I Receive My Leads?

A. Via email.

  • Weekly list of new homeowners will be delivered every Thursday to the email address on file.
Can I See A Sample of the Data?

This is a sample of the data layout. Names, address, etc. have been changed for privacy.*

How Many New Homeowners are There Weekly?

For exact counts please contact our customer service department here.

Alabama 637
Arizona 2707
California 6450
Colorado 2859
Connecticut 1581
Florida 5054
Georgia 1751
Illinois 3112
Kentucky 451
Massachusetts 661
Maryland 1793
Michigan 2210
Minnesota 2320
North Carolina 3433
Nebraska 530
New Hampshire 151
New Jersey 1952
New Mexico 170
Nevada 1129
New York 2102
Ohio 972
Oregon 851
Pennsylvania 2888
South Carolina 1211
Texas 6034
Utah 383
Virginia 1782
Washington 2536
Wisconsin 900

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